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Happy Friday!

My latest edition to the Family Corner section of Push to Walk’s website describes how I felt about establishing a schedule and routine for Darren, me and our family when we arrived home from Shepherd Center.

My intent was to establish a schedule of sorts as soon as possible, which was not necessarily a project that progressed evenly or predictably. Unplanned events happened, Darren would get sick, I don’t even remember all that was going on right when we got home. But I was pretty insistent on at least trying to maintain a regular routine, partly for my own sanity if nothing else.

I hope this information on our website helps some of you in similar situations, or helps reaffirm the fact you are not alone in going through this difficult transition. If there is anyone reading this blog post or website section, and you would like to discuss anything related to SCI, please feel free to comment here or get in touch with me. I am always available, and would be happy to help.



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