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Then what is a VIDEO worth?? A million words? More?? Hard to say, but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jon Schroder for his interest and time to produce a new video for Push to Walk. When asked by a Board Member to help out, Jon willingly offered his energy, talent and vision to help us tell our story, at no charge. We are so ecstatic that Jon agreed to do this, willing to fit a “pro bono” project into a very busy schedule, and getting nothing in return except a big THANK YOU.

As Jon prepared to interview and film me, our staff and our clients, I could sense his interest in our work, his compassion and just a positive feeling about him being a good person. We have found many “good” people in our 5 + years here at Push to Walk, but Jon said something in our initial meeting that summed up the person he is. He said, in so many words, that a project like this “keeps it real” for him.  I could sense that he has achieved success in his profession and has done some great stuff. But being able to help us tell our story – that was meaningful to him.

Thank you, Jon, for taking an interest in Push to Walk and telling our story and that of two clients who live with the challenges of spinal cord injury every day. Thank you for showing us through your direction your care and compassion for our cause. Your entire demeanor was professional yet sensitive. Your conversations made us feel comfortable. I look forward to seeing a finished product, and am confident that the message will be “real” and moving!

If you’ll be coming to our Wine Tasting event on June 14, the video will be shown there for the first time. Please join us!


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