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Ahhh, finally….on the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me……

Dare we put all my “days” together? They will definitely not sound anything like the song, nor as pretty, but hopefully meaningful……and now that I know the twelve days of Christmas actually START on Christmas Day, I’ll have to….oh no, don’t even think about that……..guess I should have done my research BEFORE starting this little project!

I’ll stick with twelve drummers drumming because I can relate to that. Whether it be a high school marching band like my friend Lisa’s daughter – highly competitive and striking to watch – or  Ohio State University’s incredible musical feats, or drummers in bands, I love them all! We’ve seen some incredible drummers perform live music recently, some SO young, and they are all amazing. There’s something hypnotic about live music, and drummers can do that to me!

So here goes: 12 drummers drumming, 11 parents praying, 10 lords/ladies-a-lifting, 9 ladies dancing, 8 merry Santas, 7 Christmas cookies, 6 silver bells, 5 golden rings, 4 waterfalls, 3 rules of three, 2 sunrises & sunsets and one family. Well, not too bad if you hum along and have a little imagination!

Stay tuned for a follow-up post before I journey into 2014 with new ideas!

Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas, and may it be blessed with family and friends to celebrate joy and peace during the season.

Love Cynthia

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On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…….eleven parents praying………..

Since my son Darren’s spinal cord injury, I have met countless parents, all distraught over the catastrophic injuries that have now changed their lives. I met people who are very religious and turn to their Faith for understanding. I have met those who claim not to believe in God, because if there was a God, how could He let this happen? And then there are so many caught in the middle, not knowing what to believe, who to believe in, and why this has happened.

I do not intend to use this blog to purport any religious beliefs, or even state my own personal intentions. In my experience, though, I have seen many parents praying for their sons and daughters, praying for themselves, and praying for those who can help their children, whether related to medical or daily needs.

During this Christmas season, along with all the commercial accompaniments, I hope you find that prayer can help you, console you, calm you and strengthen you. Let whatever Faith you hold dear to your heart be the backbone of your existence. Stay strong, not only for yourself, but for those around you who need you and rely on you. May your Faith be a guiding light this holiday season.

With love and faith, Cynthia

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On the tenth day of Christmas, my true gave to me………ten lords-a-leaping! My version will be ten “lords & ladies-a-lifting” for the work our trainers and aides do at Push to Walk every single day!

I would like to recognize our Push to Walk staff for the heavy lifting they do, literally and figuratively, for our clients. Some clients are able to move from place to place on their own; others need more assistance. Our trainers and aides, male and female alike, are ready at all times to give this assistance. It requires strength, good body positioning and not being nervous about placing yourself in another’s personal space. It takes practice, but our staff does what’s needed without hesitation, many many times a day.

Our clients rely on our trainers and aides to give them a challenging and worthwhile workout every time they come through our doors. I believe our staff does an incredible job, and are successful because our clients demand the highest quality. It is definitely a two-way street!

Thank you to the most awesome staff a founder could have! Push to Walk is what it is today because of the trainers and aides (in addition to our administrative staff!) we have, how they interact with the clients, go above and beyond their job duties and really care about our clients and their families. If you have a comment you’d like to make from your own personal experience about any of our staff members, please let me know!

‘Tis the season to share compliments and joy! Thank you, staff!!! Cynthia


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On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me……..nine ladies dancing!

I’m going with the traditional line from the song on this one, because it’s something I can relate to! I would have had a hard time connecting any relevance to eight maids a milking and seven swans a swimming, but nine ladies dancing I can write about!

Since it’s Christmas, the first thought that comes to mind is the Rockettes from The Christmas Show. I think there’s way more than nine, but to me, the idea of ladies dancing is closely tied to the formation of perfectly choreographed dancers executing near perfect sequences of high kicks and movements that make my head spin!

But dancing ladies also bring to mind some very fun events where women enjoy dancing together. In the past year or so, two of my favorite memories of dancing are at my daughter’s college graduation party, dancing with old friends and new, and my best friend’s daughter’s wedding, dancing like we were college roommates again! There are a few Madonna songs that capture the joy of dancing and expressing yourself, but just having a good ‘ole time with my girlfriends is a good enough reason for me!

So ladies, keep dancing, have fun and “express yourself” on the dance floor the next time you have the chance. Dance right through your day, maybe humming a tune that you like to dance to, and I hope it brings a smile to your face and others today!

Happy Friday! Cynthia

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On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me……….eight merry Santas!

From a generic or commercial (not religious) point of view, what is more symbolic of Christmas than Santa? Kids go from being deathfully afraid of the jolly old man, to believing him and wanting to be good so as to get a lot of presents,  to not believing and feeling their parents have “lied” to them all along, to adults understanding the symbolism. What a journey!

When I see Santa at a mall, with kids (sometimes happy, sometimes not so much!) taking pictures, on a street corner or shopping center ringing a bell, or just seeing someone who has a remarkable resemblance to the “real” one, I always feel a little bit of joy and happiness. I think of all the good that comes from those who enjoy dressing as Santa and bringing cheer to kids and people in general. Whether it’s family or friends gathering, a visit to a hospital, delivering “Toys for Tots” or driving through town on the fire truck, Santa brings smiles and goodwill.

Whether the name is Santa Claus, Kris Kringle or Saint Nicholas, the image brings to mind a deep HO, HO, HO and Merry Christmas!

I hope all of us at Push to Walk can bring cheer and goodwill to all those we serve. Whether its a person with a spinal cord injury, MS, brain injury or stroke, their family and friends, or those who need information and guidance, I hope we can all be “Santa” in your lives. We just won’t all be dressing alike any time soon!


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On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me……….seven Christmas cookies!

Some of my fondest Christmas memories with my kids are baking cookies. First, at least double the amount of cookie dough had to be made, because a “significant” portion was made to be eaten raw (I know, I know…..), at least for the sugar cookies. All other types had a MUCH better chance of making it to the oven!

Sugar cookies, spritz, chocolate chip and peanut butter (before my daughter developed a peanut allergy) were the family favorites. At times, appearances were made by oatmeal raisin, thumbprint and snowball cookies. Oh, what a mess would be made! From the flour to the decorations, ingredients were all over the place. When Darren and Ari were really young, they never really did anything except play in the flour! But they progressed to be quite the bakers and decorators, and always the consumers!

As years have passed, I’ve baked less and less cookies, not wanting to have the calorie temptations of eating all that we made! But for old times sake, especially after writing this blog, I am going to check the cupboard and see what ingredients I need to make a batch this weekend!

If you have favorite Christmas cookies, let me know what they are! Happy Baking! Cynthia



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On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…………..six silver bells……. (wow, that might even fit in with the singing of the song!)……..

I always associate silver bells with Christmas, perhaps because my all time favorite Christmas story is The Polar Express. I would read that to my children a lot during the Christmas season, and I could never, no matter how hard I tried, get through to the end without feeling all teary-eyed. I probably still couldn’t today. 🙂

In addition to The Polar Express, silver bells  bring so many images to my mind: house and tree decorations, thoughts of the song, Santa’s sleigh and of course the Salvation Army bell ringers outside stores and on sidewalks everywhere.

To me, silver bells mean peace, joy and happiness; such a soothing sound. May you enjoy the comforting sounds of your own silver bell, and as Chris Van Allsburg wrote:

  At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.

Still believing in all that the future holds for us, at Christmas and all year long…………Cynthia 

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Happy Monday! I hope anyone who experienced the snow this weekend is safe and sound! Back to the twelve days…..

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me………five golden rings! Since 2014 will be an Olympic year, I thought I’d tie the five golden rings to the five colorful rings that are the symbol of the Olympic games.

On February 7-23, athletes from all over the world will compete for their country’s highest prizes – Olympic medals. I always love the “up close and personal” segments to find out more about the athletes themselves, their families and lives. If there’s any TV coverage at all, I’d love to do the same for the Paralympics, which take place from March 7 -16. Past coverage has been little to none of the Paralympics, but I am sure there are equally interesting and inspiring stories about these athletes as well (if not even more so).

At Push to Walk, we like to treat our clients like athletes. Repetitions, challenges, hard work and dedication are just a few of the qualities that define both our clients and Olympic/Paralympic athletes. Setting goals and working hard day after day, week after week, month after month. While the Olympic athletes have to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals, Paralympic athletes and our clients share the challenges that every day living poses to them every minute. Paralysis, loss of bladder and bowel functions, inability to regulate body temperatures, etc. The list is a long one.

Please cheer for ALL the athletes I am referring to! And if you’d like to make a contribution to support our Push to Walk athletes and help them reach their goals, please visit our website at www.pushtowalknj.org to make a contribution. Our slogan: A Little Push Goes a Long Way seems very fitting to today’s post. Thanks for reading!


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On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…….four waterfalls………………

We traveled to Iceland this past summer, and witnessed the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. Huge, powerful, noisy water cascading off the mountain, dropping onto the ground below with such force it was scary! With the sunlight hitting one of them just right, a perfect rainbow formed, and our friend Liz captured it in a photo with both John and me walking up to the top. She enlarged the picture and added the words: Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow until you find your dream. This was truly a special gift, as Liz knows the “mountain” we are climbing and the quest for our dreams. THANK YOU, Liz!

But waterfalls, like sunsets and sunrises, are reminders of the raw beauty of our earth, and Iceland certainly has an abundance of that. The country is full of incredibly beautiful land and sea formations, as is Greenland and its icebergs. Beauty that I hope stays within me for a long, long time.

I hope all of you have seen a beautiful waterfall you can recall in your mind as your read my post today. Harness its power, its beauty and its immense capacity to create change. Take those qualities and incorporate them into your own day. Perhaps you will also experience a rainbow, even if in just your imagination.


Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend. My next post will come on Monday! (By the way, I experienced an incredibly beautiful start to the sunrise this morning with deep pink and red shades before the clouds crept in to cover it all up. Did anyone else see it too?)


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On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…….as the song goes, three french hens. Well, I don’t know anything about french hens, so I looked it up! Wikipedia tells the origins of the song relate to “increasingly grand gifts” given on the twelve days of Christmas. And it seems like french hens, from what I read only quickly, lay a lot of eggs year round and are therefore quite valuable. My version, up until this point, and I suspect throughout the rest of the days, will be more inspirational in nature. And even though there is no real reason why there are three french hens and not two or four, I’ve been thinking about “things that come in threes” for today’s post.

The obvious “threes” that come to mind are three blind mice, the three stooges, three little pigs and “the rule of threes.” While I thought about some fun analogies for the mice, stooges and pigs (future blog posts??), I’m going to focus on “the rule of threes.” The definition I found states that when things come in threes, and they could be good or bad, they are “inherently funnier, more satisfying or more effective than other numbers of things.”

Personally, when bad or negative things happen, like deaths, injuries, accidents, etc., they do seem to come in threes, or at least I can pinpoint three similar incidents and be done with it. Time to move on. When good things happen in either threes or on a third attempt, I say “third time’s a charm.” So I am a believer in the rule of threes.

How does this affect my daily life? It probably doesn’t! But it seemed interesting enough to write about today, and fit it (sort of) with my third day of Christmas. I could write about certain incidents that have recently come in threes, but now, my blog post would be way too long. I wrote far too much about the background of my idea than the idea itself. Oh well, I hope it gets you thinking about the rule of threes, and whether you have found this in your life, too. If you’d like to share, please do! I love reading your comments and reactions to my posts.

For now, have a wonderful, satisfying and productive day (three more things to think about!). Cynthia

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