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After a week of taking it really easy, stretching, icing and only a little bit of running (very little), I felt ready to tackle 8 miles on Saturday. But since I wasn’t overly confident, I ran inside, on the treadmill. I actually felt pretty good, and was pleased at my pace. My back had kind of a “heavy” feeling in the beginning – I guess it was tight, and seemed to get better as I ran. I made sure I stretched more than usual (I hate stretching, which is probably what got me in trouble to begin with!) and iced afterward. I have to say I was really good with stretching and icing all weekend. Now I just have to keep up the good habits!

This coming week is probably the hardest in the whole 20 weeks of training. Lots of running, 2 days of cross-training, and culminating in a 20 mile run on Saturday. It will mean getting up earlier than usual to fit in the day’s program, then stretching and, of course, ice packs!!! I hope my mind is ready for this! After slacking off last week, which I know was important to make sure I didn’t aggravate my back even further, I need to really buckle down and be serious this week. Wish me luck!

I have to admit that I was so wrapped up in how I was feeling, concentrating on any twinges of pain or nagging doubts, that I couldn’t really concentrate on who I might be dedicating my run to. I guess I was running for myself, and that’s not all bad, but now I feel like I really should have been thinking about a Push to Walk client. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been so self-absorbed. Oh well, too late for that now, but I will keep that in mind next time (Monday morning) when I step on the treadmill. Will probably be better if I do dedicate my run, and think of something or someone other than the pain I might or might not be in.

Guess it goes to show that not every workout goes as you want it, just like every day doesn’t either. You have to learn to “go with the flow,” adjust, adapt, take what’s thrown at you. Who knows this better than people whose lives have been completely disrupted by a life changing event like a spinal cord injury? And even when you think you have something figured out, a monkey wrench is thrown in the mix, and you have to adapt all over again.  These are the thoughts I will keep in mind the next time something doesn’t go as planned. It’s probably a trivial, minor inconvenience that I can deal with. Reminds me of that saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

So I’ll tackle this upcoming week with a renewed sense of purpose, and the commitment to my goal of completing the NJ Marathon in just 4 weeks! Wish me well!


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So the weather did not help me out on Saturday, and I needed to run all 10 miles inside, on the treadmill. Since this snow/sleet/rain had been forecasted for several days, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would not be able to run outside. I got all my supplies ready – water, towel, gel packs – and got started. The worst is Saturday TV shows – what would I watch? I settled on Top Chef, and proceeded to be entertained for a couple of hours.

I felt pretty good running, just a few minor complaints, but I was pretty exhausted afterwards. Including a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool-down, I finished right at 2 hours. Not bad! After a shower and a short rest, I was ready for our afternoon/evening activities of dinner and a wine tasting compliments of our daughter Arianne’s Christmas present. It was a lot of fun, even if I was wincing going down steps. I know all you distance runners out there know what I’m talking about!

But I get ahead of myself –  these 10 miles were for Gianfranco, a young man who is a Push to Walk client. I remember the first time I met Gianfranco when he visited Push to Walk. It was only about 6 months after his injury, and his Mom, sister and her young baby boy came with him. I could tell right away that his family was very supportive. I talked with them as they observed Darren and Tyler working out. They liked what they saw and then they had a chance to talk with Darren, too.

About 4 months later, Gianfranco had his first appointment, and he’s been a client ever since. Meeting Gian so early after his injury and seeing him improve has been a wonderful experience. He has the same injury level as Darren, and is just a few years older, so there are many similarities. I have spent lots of time talking with his Mom, as she describes the battles with various complications of spinal cord injury. I hope my experiences have helped them, if nothing more than to reassure them that things will get better.  Dealing with so many issues that come along with SCI can be frustrating, upsetting and depressing. Just when you think you have things figured out, your body reacts differently to something and WHAM! you are right back to the beginning again. I remember that all too well with Darren.

But Gianfranco and his family are hanging in there, figuring things out, and managing  this “new normal.” They are having a new house built that is more accessible, and Gian is taking some college courses. You can read more about him in the client bio section of our website at  http://www.pushtowalknj.org/clients/testimonials.htm.

Some of the things I love most about my job are seeing the progress of the clients, interacting with them and their families, and learning from them. I wish I could spend all of my time on the gym floor, but they wouldn’t get any work done, and neither would I! So I visit with them before and after their workouts, talk with the parents and get to know them and what they’re dealing with. Sure there are similarities, but as we know, each spinal cord injury is different, and each person with an injury is a unique and interesting person. I enjoy spending time with Gianfranco and his Mom, and I look forward to Tuesday afternoons when they are here at Push to Walk.

I’m glad you are a part of our family, Gianfranco, and I hope to see you make much progress with your determination and commitment to taking care of yourself.


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Hi Everyone,

I was recently asked about the treadmill I used for my training, so I thought I’d answer it right here! Maybe it can help others also looking to buy one for home use. With our winter weather this year, there is just no way I could keep up with my training for the NJ Marathon without one! Luckily I actually LIKE running on the treadmill, unlike many other runners I know. I can get up and run while it’s still dark out, I can run if there’s ice and snow, AND I have the bathroom “right there” for necessary breaks – how much better can it get?? Ha ha.

Seriously, though, I know it’s not the same as running outside, so I do try and do my weekly longer runs outdoors whenever possible. The colder temperatures don’t bother me, but I am afraid of slipping or falling on icy surfaces. But it does allow me to follow the “Marathoning for Mortals” program, and I can’t make excuses for not running.

Here’s a link on the treadmill I have – a True 450 HRC (heart rate control) plus some review-type info. I found this quickly without much research, so I’m sure there is other helpful info out there on the internet. But it’s a place to start.   http://www.treadmilltips.com/true-450-hrc-classic-treadmill.html  I’ve had it quite a long time, more than 10 years, and only needed one service call to adjust the belt. I don’t think I’ve ever used the HRC, so maybe I paid for something I don’t use. The speed and incline adjustments are good. What I really like is that you can pause it with the stop button, but can hit start again and pick up where you left off.  The one I used at the hotel gym this past weekend did not have that option (or I couldn’t figure it out) and I wasn’t too happy about that.

When I was shopping to buy a treadmill way back when, one of my friends said to find one that’s easy to dust. Another said to make sure you can hang clothes on it easily. All too often, treadmills and other exercise equipment are purchased, but not used. I am happy to say that mine has seen hundreds of miles over the years, and has provided me with a consistent form of exercise. It’s all about setting a goal, making a commitment and sticking to it!

I am happy to report that my body is holding up well so far with my marathon training. Easy to say since today was a “rest day!” This Saturday’s 10 mile run will be a good test, and I sure hope the next snow storm comes later in the day so I can run outside!

Happy running!


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