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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekends were fun and restful!

Ten days ago, I decided to try the P90X exercise program – again. I had first tried this two years ago (I think) but did not stay committed to it. I was running and training for a marathon, so the timing and my psychological state were not a successful combination. However, I have decided to give it another shot, being a little more realistic this time around. If I can’t do the exact number of repetitions, or the combinations of programs on any given day, I will “do my best and forget the rest” as guru Tony Horton instructs. Over time, I hope to be able to complete entire workouts, prescribed combinations, and in sequential days to have the best effect on my strengthening and toning.

Not that I am not going to challenge myself – I will! And I have decided to set aside the time necessary to accomplish this goal; that’s half the battle for me. But as I try my hardest to complete the reps, do something just a few extra minutes, and hang in there, I have a vision of our Push to Walk gym in my head. Our clients, including my own son, trying their hardest, pushing for one more rep, hanging in there the best they can. Working hard and determined to accomplish their goals.

With these clients as my inspiration (and I know they don’t always want to be looked at in this role, but in this case it helps ME), I’ve just gotta be a P90X grad this time around! If you feel like sharing any words of encouragement for me, I’m all ears!!


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