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It seems like we’ve skipped winter, and now the weather in the northeast is as warm as summer. Not sure what Mother Nature is up to, but I am happy that Spring is here! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Call me crazy, but one thing I love about sunshine and warm weather – it makes me want to clean! Yep, clean! I guess I’ll always have some of my Mom in me; she was crazy about cleaning, too. But she had rants and rages over cleaning; I prefer the calm enjoyment of actually getting things clean and the good feeling I have afterwards. It’s very satisfying.

To me, spring cleaning is more than just eliminating the dust and cobwebs from the physical space around you. It is also mental. Spring clean your mind, too! Get rid of negative and unproductive thoughts. Release tension and hard feelings. Let go of grudges or bad experiences. Think positive! This is a good time to start thinking about your goals, dreams and aspirations. Go for it!

A great person who writes and speaks about these kinds of topics is Scott Chesney, a person I mentioned recently in another blog post. Talk about positive! This guy LIVES positively every second of every day. (Well, I’m sure he has his “down” days like the rest of us, but he IS a motivational speaker!) I am so excited that Scott will be joining Push to Walk for our Summer Camp, July 15-21. He’ll be speaking on both the 15th to “open” the Camp, and again on the 21st during our adaptive sports day to “close” our week-long event. Stay tuned for more details!

Think about what “spring cleaning” can mean for you and your everyday life. Start small and work toward your larger goals. Clean out those cobwebs and live a happy life!

Happy Spring! Cynthia


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