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Hi Everyone,

Here we are mid-week already for our week-long Summer Camp, and I feel like we’re just getting started! Our campers are enjoying activities with current clients, former clients, prospective clients, families and friends! I always like seeing when our events officially “end,” and people are talking to one another, sharing stories, showing others their accessible vehicles, and just hanging out. This, to me, is PRICELESS and exactly what I hoped our camp would accomplish.

Please check our Facebook page for recent news, pictures and videos:   https://www.facebook.com/PushtoWalk

Our campers tell me they are loving their workouts, and while they are tired afterwards, they are energized and excited about what they are doing! Hopefully this week will help each person reach new goals and strive for more!

We are so grateful for all the support and donations we have received so far to help make our Summer Camp a success! For starters, thanks to Scott Chesney (www.scottchesney.com) and Curly’s Ice Cream in Riverdale for a great Ice Cream Social on Sunday. Thanks to Laurie Kammer and David McCauley (www.riseupgallery.com) and the Riverdale Art Center (www.riverdaleartcenter.org) for teaming up to host a wonderful Art Workshop on Monday night. Thanks also to Steve and Laurie Colella (Colella’s Pizza, Willowbrook Mall, Wayne, NJ) for donating a delicious lunch on Tuesday that provided food for clients, guests and even the rugby players Tuesday night! Speaking of rugby, the NY Warriors Quad Rugby Team put on a fun exhibition at the Wayne YMCA. Campers and clients (even staff!) had a great time playing and learning about the game. Several of the rugby players traveled quite a distance, and we really appreciate their interest in being part of our camp activities.

Check our website for details on events still to come: Trivia Night at Hooters in Wayne tonight (Wednesday), a Push to Walk Open House and Dr. Wise Young’s Open House at Rutgers on Thursday, Pizza and Music Night Friday night, and capping off the week with Adaptive Sports Day and a second presentation by Scott Chesney on Saturday. http://www.pushtowalknj.org/document/description-of-activities.pdf.

Hope to see you at one of our events! Cynthia

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The entire staff here at Push to Walk has been working really hard to make next week’s Summer Camp a great experience for clients, campers, family members and friends. There are SO many fun and interesting events planned; there truly is something for everyone!

Sunday, July 15 kicks off the week with an Ice Cream Social at the Riverdale Senior Community Center at 4 pm with Guest Speaker Scott Chesney. This is a great opportunity to meet Scott and listen to what I know will be an awesome presentation. Please join us!

Our daily schedule for client workouts is very busy, and we are excited to have some former clients returning and a few new people joining our current clients.

Afternoon/evening activities include an Art Workshop, Quad Rugby Demonstration, Trivia Night, Open House with Dr. Wise Young at Rutgers, a Music & Pizza Night, and an Adaptive Sports Day on Saturday to cap off the week. Scott Chesney will also be speaking at 6 pm on Saturday, June 21 at Central Park of Morris County.

During the week, we are hosting 2 Open Houses: Tuesday, July 17 from 9:30-5 pm and Thursday, July 19 from 9:30-3:30 pm. If you’ve never been to Push to Walk, or haven’t visited in awhile, please stop by! In addition to seeing equipment demos, we’ll have an MV-1 car (the only auto built from the ground up to be accessible), hand cycles, sno-cones and more!

All are invited: doctors, physical therapists, prospective clients, neighbors, friends, and any one else interested or curious about what we do!

This is our chance to show people who we are and how we help people with spinal cord injuries strengthen themselves, lead productive lives and increase the quality of their lives each and every day. We do this with YOUR support, so THANK YOU!!!

Here’s the link to our website to see detailed information on Summer Camp week:    http://www.pushtowalknj.org/summer-camp.html. Scroll down to Event Flyers or Event Information, and you can click on the particular links below those categories. Or you can call us at 862-200-5848 or email Stephanie at slajam@pushtowalknj.org. We are asking for RSVP’s for certain events, so please let us know if you’ll be attending.

Hope to see you at Summer Camp July 15-21!!!


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It seems like we’ve skipped winter, and now the weather in the northeast is as warm as summer. Not sure what Mother Nature is up to, but I am happy that Spring is here! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Call me crazy, but one thing I love about sunshine and warm weather – it makes me want to clean! Yep, clean! I guess I’ll always have some of my Mom in me; she was crazy about cleaning, too. But she had rants and rages over cleaning; I prefer the calm enjoyment of actually getting things clean and the good feeling I have afterwards. It’s very satisfying.

To me, spring cleaning is more than just eliminating the dust and cobwebs from the physical space around you. It is also mental. Spring clean your mind, too! Get rid of negative and unproductive thoughts. Release tension and hard feelings. Let go of grudges or bad experiences. Think positive! This is a good time to start thinking about your goals, dreams and aspirations. Go for it!

A great person who writes and speaks about these kinds of topics is Scott Chesney, a person I mentioned recently in another blog post. Talk about positive! This guy LIVES positively every second of every day. (Well, I’m sure he has his “down” days like the rest of us, but he IS a motivational speaker!) I am so excited that Scott will be joining Push to Walk for our Summer Camp, July 15-21. He’ll be speaking on both the 15th to “open” the Camp, and again on the 21st during our adaptive sports day to “close” our week-long event. Stay tuned for more details!

Think about what “spring cleaning” can mean for you and your everyday life. Start small and work toward your larger goals. Clean out those cobwebs and live a happy life!

Happy Spring! Cynthia

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A new idea for Push to Walk this year is a SUMMER CAMP that will be held July 15-21. Save the dates! We hope you’ll join us!

If you are a current client, former client, prospective client or just want to check us out – here is your BIG opportunity!

The focus will be on an intensive week of workouts in our gym (offered at discounted hourly rates), open houses for equipment demos and Q&A sessions, social activities like a pizza and music night and an ice cream social, a quad rugby demonstration, guest speakers and an adaptive sports day.

One speaker already confirmed that we are very excited about – Scott Chesney! Check out his website at www.scottchesney.com. Scott is a dynamic, energetic and motivating speaker who is sure to get you thinking about your life and reaching your goals.

An adaptive sports day will be held on Saturday, July 21 at a local park. With help from our friends at Helen Hayes Hospital, we hope to have kayaks and hand cycles for people to try. There’s also a possibility we’ll have sport chairs for softball and rugby, too.

Although primarily intended for people with spinal cord injuries and paralysis, we would welcome participants with other disabilities and those who are able-bodied, too, for the non-workout activities.

Details are still being finalized, but please e-mail us and let us know if you’re interested. Applications are required, so don’t wait until the last minute to contact us! Participation is limited – don’t be left out!

Call 862-200-5848 for more info or e-mail Stephanie: slajam@pushtowalknj.org

We hope to hear from you SOON!

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