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Hello Everyone,

It’s hard to believe that Hurricane Sandy came through 10 days ago, and still the devastation continues (and will continue for a very long time). The scope of the damage and lives lost is unreal – I can’t even begin to imagine what hundreds and thousands of people are going through. I have a hard time just looking at the pictures and videos, so the idea of being directly affected at that level seem too difficult to comprehend. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

My good friend, Richard Gaskin (also known as Professir X) has brought something to my attention that is definitely worth sharing. In all the coverage by the media of the storm and its aftermath, have any of you seen pictures or read stories about how people with disabilities have been affected by the storm? I know I haven’t. Again, it seems people with disabilities are the “invisible” ones. People that need power to survive – their ventilators, power wheelchairs, electric beds, etc. How about those who need caregivers and those caregivers cannot get to them? Or need supplies and medications? What about people who have been forced out of their accessible homes – where can they go? Has the media paid them any attention at all? Richard doesn’t think so, and because of his ability to capture ideas and present them in captivating ways, he is asking anyone with stories, videos or pictures to contact him. Let him know of your experiences, frustrations or good stories of how you’ve managed after Hurricane Sandy whipped through our region and our lives. You can write to him at professirx@aol.com.

Stay safe and stay strong. Recovery will only be accomplished by working together.


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