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This past weekend, I spent time re-reading some chapters of the book/program I am following for my marathon training, Marathoning for Mortals. As it outlined what the final few weeks entailed, I was trying to focus on my running (obviously) and eating habits. The final couple of weeks seem more stressful than the weeks of logging many, many miles. Now it’s not the physical challenge, it’s the mental capacity to believe in myself, trust that my training has been done properly, and get out there and “do it.” Easier said than done. Even now, more than a full week ahead, I am tossing and turning in my bed, worrying that the race participants will have their packets and bibs! I know I don’t NEED to worry about this, but this is the way my mind plays tricks on me. Instead of worrying about my own performance, I am nervous about other related, but unnecessary, things.      

I DO feel confident in my training, my endurance and my ability to run 26.2 miles. Now it is the nerves and anxious feelings that have to be dealt with. I have decided to have a list (either in my head or maybe written on my wristband) of all the Team Push to Walk participants to look at while I am running. This is sure to keep me motivated, as I know I can’t let these other 29 people down and not cross that finish line. First on my list will be Darren, Mike L, Mike T, John and Tyler who will be riding their handcycles for the half marathon. Next will be all the members of my staff: Mike, Karla, Eric, Michele, Christine and Amy.  Then will be all the other members of our Team, and a few friends who are running/riding on their own. If I can keep all these reasons in my head to remind me why I’m running, I should do just fine………….

Thinking of the differences between physical and mental preparedness makes me think of our Push to Walk clients. People who have spinal cord injuries have to physically adjust to their paralysis and figure out how to do things all over again. A lot of things can still be done, they just have to be done differently. When I watch Darren drive, use his cell phone, or open mail (as a few simple examples), he does these things differently than I do. But he still accomplishes the same result. What I am not normally thinking about is how he has adjusted mentally to completing the tasks at hand. As close as I am to him, and our other clients and friends who have spinal cord injuries, it is not me. I don’t understand how the mind adjusts, copes, adapts to being paralyzed. But I can make a pretty good guess that the mental fortitude and strength is even more important to successful daily living.  It is the mental drive that can make a difference in a person’s happiness and productivity and success in life.

So it is these things I will keep in mind as I focus on being mentally prepared for the NJ Marathon on May 1st. I trust my body; now I must trust my mind, and heart, and soul. If you can come and cheer on Team Push to Walk in Long Branch, NJ, please do! You won’t be disappointed in seeing the determination and commitment of so many people reaching their goals. And it could be your cheers, your “high fives” or your claps that give the participants that little bit extra to propel them to the finish line successfully.

Hope to see you there!

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