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Happy Friday!

A video has been making it’s way around the net about Josh Dueck, a skier who has just performed a back-flip. If you don’t know his story, you might say “what’s the big deal?” Extreme sports have become more mainstream and the X Games were just on TV a few weeks ago. Skiers were doing all sorts of crazy stuff! But Josh’s story is a “little” different.

Josh is an accomplished skier who nailed a back flip on a sit-ski. Yes, a sit-ski. I have watched this video a few times now, and must admit I have mixed emotions. As a mother of a son with a spinal cord injury, I cringed at the idea. Always a “worrier,” I couldn’t even watch Darren play quad rugby at first (now I love it!). I think about the “what ifs.” As a skier myself, I have absolutely NO IDEA how people accomplish jumps, flips, spins and the likes. I am happy to have my two skis on the snow at all times. Just the idea of being airborne would send me right into the lodge! Being the mother of two expert skiers, I know the urge was always there to “push the envelope” as they got better and better.

But now I watch Josh Dueck doing what he loves – skiing, screaming down mountains, taking jumps and flying thru the air. How wonderful to see him doing what he has always dreamed of. Yes, he is using a sit-ski, but does it really matter? What this has reminded me of is that people who sustain spinal cord injuries are still the same person they were before their injury. A quiet, shy person is still quiet and shy. Using a wheelchair doesn’t make him or her a new, outgoing personality ready to work a room. A loud, aggressive person who was annoying is still annoying now. And a daring, adventurous athlete is still willing to take risks, go beyond the limits and see what can be accomplished.

For this, I love Josh Dueck. I love seeing that he is still pursuing his dreams and “going for it.” I love seeing that he has a support team willing to help him reach his goals. And I love that he is sharing his accomplishments.

Perhaps in a future blog post, I will touch on what we DON’T see in the video – what it takes to practice and train for such a demanding sport, the challenges of the clothing, the weather, the equipment, getting to and from the mountains…………… so much we might all take for granted, but is certainly not easy for an athlete with a disability.

For now, enjoy the videos for all they have to offer – and all they have to show us what determination and dreams can mean.

A shorter video about the back-flip:  http://youtu.be/4xjUUf_sK84 and a longer video (which I totally enjoyed) about Josh’s “story”: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/08/josh-dueck-sit-ski-backflip_n_1263159.html (this is a longer video is lower on the page).

Happy viewing, and let me know what YOU think!


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