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I’m not Irish, but I still like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Why? Why not! I’m not a beer drinker, so it’s not for the green beer. I don’t even own many green clothes. But, hey, a holiday brings out the fun on an otherwise ordinary day. Green cupcakes (did I miss them today at Push to Walk? I was out for some dental surgery. Ugh!), green cookies, corned beef and cabbage – those are the things I love! How fun!

In my family we are all huge Devils fans (the hockey variety), and tomorrow they have a “retro” day where the team will wear their old green and red jerseys for the afternoon game. To help celebrate, my husband bought us some very cool green jerseys to wear for the game. Another fun thing to do! I would take a picture of myself in mine, but after my dental procedure, I’m not feeling like posting a picture of myself. Maybe my husband will post the picture he has when he reads this!

So maybe too many holidays have become all commercialized and lose sight of the real meaning. I understand the origins are based on Christianity and celebrating one’s Irish heritage, and the parades are usually fantastic. As long as the drinking can be done safely and without incident, it seems to me that there’s no harm if all of us are Irish for just one day!

Enjoy the wearin’ of the green and all that Irish culture has contributed to our society. Have a Happy St. Patty’s Day!


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