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Happy 2013 everyone! I know I’m a little late in expressing these wishes, but I am finally coming to grips with the fact that the holidays are over and 2013 REALLY has arrived! Oh well, it was a WONDERFUL holiday season, and I hope it was for you, too.

I’m not big on “new year’s resolutions,” but I do try to set goals for myself – some personal, some professional, and some just plain fun! I consider myself to be a pretty positive person, but could still use reminders every now and then to concentrate on the good and not dwell on the bad. Overall, I am going to use more words like YES, WILL and CAN. I am going to become a cheerleader for the whole thinking positive movement, and do more reading about that, too. That fits into my goal of doing more reading in general, too. Maybe I’ll even start reading more on my iPad, instead of good ole’ books – we’ll see if that really happens!

What goals do you have for yourself??? If you are looking for information and resources in the areas of SCI or paralysis, we can help! If Push to Walk and an exercise program are one of your goals, please let us know! If you are interested in becoming a committee member or a board member for a worthy non-profit, we can use your assistance! If you have a talent, service or product that could benefit people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or other neurological conditions,  we are also looking to partner with others to provide the best services possible to people in need.

Whatever your goals, dreams and aspirations are for the new year, work hard to make them happen, and think positive! Here’s to a GREAT 2013!


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So January is all about New Year’s Resolutions (right?) and my new (new to being full time) staff person, Stephanie, is trying to help me keep up with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog posts. So here’s the plan:

On Mondays, I plan to write about struggles and challenges that people with SCI face, whether in every day situations or special circumstances.

Wednesdays will bring updates on either happenings at Push to Walk, with clients, programs or events; or stories on independence.

I’ll wrap up the week with Friday blogs about successes and triumphs that I know about personally or that others share with me.

Sooo, if you have stories, articles or links to share with me that fit into these categories, please let me know. I’d love to have new information to use!

Have a good weekend and I’ll be in touch on Monday!


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Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you have enjoyed your holidays and time with family and friends celebrating, relaxing – doing whatever you do that you enjoy! I wish all of you a healthy and happy 2012!

So of course this is the time of year we all make New Year’s Resolutions, right?? Besides my “private” resolutions (I have several!), my goals for Push to Walk all involve WRITING! As you can guess, keeping up with this blog is at the top of the list! My intent is to write blog entries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week. Now I’ve said it – I have to stick to it!

Last year I started this blog when I was training for the NJ Marathon. I had a very clear idea of thinking about, writing about, and running for clients. I think that’s what kept me writing – a vision and overall goal. I am not training for any marathons this year (good and bad!), so I have been struggling with what to write about. Despite my lack of blog entries, I do “think” about what to write a LOT!

An idea I have for a theme is “Keepin’ It Real.” Of course, I want my writing to focus on spinal cord injuries. I have Google alerts set up to show me a lot of different stories that are out there on the internet. As with any other topic, some are well written but others merely skim the surface of what I really want to know about a person, a story or a situation. I guess part of good writing is leaving the reader with the desire to learn more. But an overall theme I see repeatedly are all the “good” things that happen when a person sustains a spinal cord injury. Naturally, we all want to see the positives and know that a person and his or her family are doing well. But so many times, the real story of a spinal cord injury is not told. Unless you’re living with a spinal cord injury, or have a loved one with an SCI, you don’t know all the complications, challenges and difficulties. Of course you don’t; I never did before my son’s injury, either. But now, I’d like to share information I’ve learned, and this blog is one way to do it. Not that everything will be depressing or negative, but “real.”

So if you have any info you’d like to share with me as I start this new journey of mine, please let me know! I’d love some input. In the meantime, check out another blog I just discovered. I think this guy is also going to “keep it real” ’cause he’s living with a spinal cord injury himself:


Until next time,


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After the finish at the 2008 MORE Marathon

Happy New Year everyone!

For my 7 mile run this past Saturday, I chose a familiar route, but kind of forgot how hard the hills were. They weren’t so hard in the beginning, when of course I wasn’t tired and there were more downhills than uphills. But oh were they tough on the way back! It wasn’t pretty, but I made it! And I was pretty darn proud of myself!

Since it was New Year’s Day, I was thinking about all the things I’ve read recently that refer to resolutions, goals, “new year, new you” kind of themes. Even a recent editorial that struck me as being kind of selfish that recommended that women spend more time on and for themselves. I like taking care of me, too, just as much as anyone, I guess. Hey, isn’t this marathon training all about me?? But to make myself the focus of the new year just didn’t sit right with me.

Instead, I was recalling recent info I’d received from Scott Chesney, a great guy and motivational speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Scott and spending some quality time with him in the past several years. Sometimes we see each other at conferences or expos, but the two best times I’ve had with Scott were over lunch. Anyway, one of Scott’s messages that has stayed in my mind is one of “gratitude.” Having gratitude and showing others gratitude. His message is simple yet powerful. Check out his site, www.scottchesney.com. What I’ve found thru Scott’s words are enough to keep me inspired for many, many miles.

My run continued and ended with thinking about how can I make other people happy. First, I would have to be in a good state of mind myself. Positive and energized. Then, I have to connect with others and take that extra step, think that extra thought, say that extra word that shows kindness and compassion. I’ve found it’s usually little things that can make a big difference, both in my life and someone else’s.

So here’s to a positive attitude, staying energized, feeling and showing gratitude, and trying to bring a smile to someone else’s face. Here’s to a great 2011!!!


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