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I often say “wouldn’t it be great to have more hours in a day?” or “if I didn’t need so much sleep, I’d get more done every day!” Now, I know a LOT of other people don’t share my views, and that is unfortunate, in my opinion. I think this way because I love making the most of every minute of every day. Of course, it helps that I love my job, the people I work with, the people I interact with, and most of all – our Push to Walk clients.

Well, today I have a whole extra day!!! How great is that! It’s like a special gift, a day to do something special. I wished I had thought of this a little earlier in the week (or even the month; I could have planned accordingly!) Instead, I am using today to complete a few grant applications that have pending deadlines. It’s not a bad way to spend my day, but not very exciting either. But it will be productive, as I am committed to finalizing two applications today. And any day that is productive is a good day for me!

What will you do on Leap Day?? Any special plans? And to any Leap Year babies born on February 29, have a special birthday today! Enjoy!

Happy Leap Day! Cynthia

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