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Hello Everyone!

This past weekend, my husband & I had the distinct privilege of attending our daughter’s “graduate hooding ceremony” at Ithaca College. She doesn’t officially graduate until October, but the school wanted to acknowledge the graduate students and present them with their hoods during commencement weekend. After  a few more weeks of classes and a 12 week rotation this summer, she will officially have her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Congratulations, Ari!!!

During our dinner with family and friends after the ceremony, we reminisced a bit about “what if” types of scenarios. Without getting too emotional about the BIG question (which then leads to a million other questions) – what if Darren never had a spinal cord injury, would Ari have chosen physical therapy as a career path? We were focusing on the smaller questions, but equally as thought provoking: Ari to Annie (her close friend and classmate) – what if you didn’t choose the elliptical machine next to mine in the gym that day? I ask – what if you didn’t apply to Ithaca College? John brings up the fact that Aly (another close friend and classmate but in OT), according to her grandma, almost left Ithaca because she was so unhappy, then met Ari and Annie and stayed on. What if she did leave? How different would these young women’s lives be today? Would they have met anyway? Is there fate involved?

I can go waaayyy back to meeting my husband, choosing our house in Kinnelon, buying a house at the shore………..the list goes on and on. I wonder about these answers but don’t dwell on them or look at them negatively. I look at them from a positive point of view, and find the happiness, joy and success in past decisions. Sure, I can say at any of those points, if this DIDN’T happen, then _____ (fill in the blank) wouldn’t have happened. But do we know that for sure? Maybe something else would have happened. And maybe that something else could have been worse.

In any case, I look for the positive results, and that is really my message for today. I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful people in my life. What if they weren’t in my life? What if I had never met our friends and neighbors who are a constant source of friendship and support? What if I never had the chance to celebrate my children’s successes and accomplishments? Oh, I can’t even imagine!

So go ahead, consider your own “what if” lists. I hope you appreciate all that you are and all that you have, both tangible and intangible. Celebrate the positive and stomp out the negative. Enjoy your day!


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