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Happy Wednesday!

Push to Walk has been very fortunate to work with a team of staff and students from the Rutgers School of Social Work, Center for Nonprofit Management and Governance in developing a Strategic Plan. What a different and better process than me sitting at my kitchen table writing my business plan more than six years ago! With the Rutgers team, our Board Members, staff and founders, we were able to discuss all the components of a Strategic Plan and identify who we are and where we want to go. Sort of like answering the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up,” but for an organization not an individual.

We are very grateful for all the assistance the team provided, and part of the results were an updated tagline and mission statement. Here’s our new messages that more accurately reflect who we are and what we do:

Revised Mission Statement:

“Push to Walk provides individualized workouts and resources to people with spinal cord injuries and other forms of paralysis to optimize current quality of life and to prepare for future medical advancements.”

Tagline “Redefining possibilities for the spinal cord injury and paralysis community”

Stay tuned for more details as the Plan is adopted and tasks accomplished. This is an exciting step forward for the whole organization!




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