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With more beautiful weather for running outside, I was able to run a bit faster, running some intervals to increase my overall time. I’m not sure it will work in the actual event, but worth a try! It also makes the run more interesting, and some would say, less boring. But I am never bored when I run. I have so much going on in my head!

I don’t listen to music when I run. I can’t stand anything in my ears (that’s a whole story by itself!). But I do keep tunes in my head! A song I like to sing to myself is “Ride Like the Wind” by Christopher Cross. I change “ride” to “run” to be more meaningful! Now if only I could run just a bit faster as I sing to myself.

If you have songs that will help me increase my pace and go a little faster, please let me know. I need some new ones to keep in my head!

Please support Team Push to Walk in the NJ Marathon on Sunday, April 30, 2017 in Long Branch, NJ. Our team members are running the half relay (about 6.5 miles), the half marathon or the full marathon. Each of us is raising a minimum of $500 to help Push to Walk clients reach their goals. Your donations will help us continue to help those with paralysis live more independently and live a higher quality of life. Please link to my personal fund raising page to read my story!


Thank you!

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Hello Everyone,

I have been running and training for the past 11+ weeks to be ready for the April 26th Half Marathon in Long Branch, NJ. Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far with your motivational comments, compliments and donations! Every single message I receive helps keep me going!

When I was about halfway through my training, I added up all the miles I had been running (mostly on the treadmill) and biking on my stationary bike. I needed to see just how many miles I had covered. I was surprised but pleased to see I had run almost 95 miles and biked almost 170! That number has increased now, since it’s been a few weeks ago I added everything up. I’m also pleased to report that my body has been holding up pretty well, too!

This past Saturday I ran 10 miles at the shore. The temperature was nice and the sun was shining but it was really windy. Good training, I figured, since it is often windy on the course I’ll be running. Halfway through I felt really good, and at the end (with the wind at my back, thankfully!) I practically flew toward my house! I felt good, strong and optimistic that I could do 13 miles in three weeks from now.

As I think about these final weeks of training, I am motivated by the Push to Walk clients I’ll be running for. As most of you know, Push to Walk provides specialized exercise workouts to people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, MS and stroke. Often, the biggest obstacle a person encounters when finding a program like ours is the cost. While we are not “expensive” compared to other programs and therapies, the cost is prohibitive to many people. So I am running to raise funds for so many clients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford what Push to Walk offers: the opportunity to live a higher quality of life by becoming stronger, healthier and more independent. Please check out the link to my fundraising page, and consider making a donation of any amount that will help people take advantage of our program. They are committed and dedicated to working hard and staying strong and healthy – will you help them???

Thanking you in advance for your encouragement and support. Together, we can make a difference!

Link to my fund raising page for the Long Branch Half Marathon on April 26, 2015.

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Hello everyone & happy Friday!

We are so excited that Giving Tuesday was a success for Push to Walk! It was our first foray into this now nationwide trend, and what a great idea it was to participate. Thank you to our staff members Stephanie and Anthony for coordinating the effort; for our trainers, aides and board members for jumping in, and to those who either commented or donated as a result. What a great team effort – THANK YOU! I know I enjoyed showing everyone that even I can do push-ups! We have a tough crowd in our Push to Walk gym everyday to compete with, so I was glad to do my part! Check out our Facebook page to see all of our fun videos!

I learned yesterday that one of our matching gift employers committed to matching 150% of employee donations made on Giving Tuesday, so that is awesome! It is great to see Corporate America continuing their philanthropic efforts and participating in this “new” event to help non-profit organizations.

With the donations we receive at the end of the year, and all year long, you can be sure we are using these contributions to help so many people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, MS and stroke to live more independently, live a higher quality of life and participate in their communities. While clients do pay for their workouts, even those fees are not enough to cover our operating expenses. We pride ourselves on operating as efficiently as possible to keep all costs reasonable and scrutinize every expense, including administrative salaries. When you support Push to Walk, you are directly helping our clients, investing in their futures. If you’d like to make a donation, click here.

Thank you, and enjoy the weekend!  Cynthia

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I thought this “old” slogan from former Governor Tom Kean and his administration fit our upcoming event, well, perfectly!

For those of you who live locally, or will be traveling to NJ for the Thanksgiving holiday, please join us on Saturday, November 30 for a fun night of great music, great food and a great cause! Tickets are only $40 and include music played by students and professionals, as well as a delicious buffet dinner catered by Bardi’s Bar and Grill. Bring your friends! Bring your family!

We are very grateful to Randy and Laura Shamber at ShamRock for their dedication to pull this event together, and my good friend Vince Genella and the other bands who are donating their time to play for us. The music is going to be OUTSTANDING! You don’t want to miss it!

Event details: Saturday, November 30, 6-10 pm at the Elks Lodge, 1 Perrin Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ.

Buy your tickets in advance, please! Call Push to Walk at 862-200-5848 or ShamRock at 973-839-0100.

Hope to see you there!


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Push to Walk’s 6th Annual Charity Golf Outing is right around the corner, on Monday, September 23rd at The Knoll West in Parsippany, NJ. If you haven’t registered to play, and still want to, REGISTER NOW at (Golf Outing Registration Sitebecause it’s almost sold out! That is the good news!

But as anyone knows who has been involved with events like this, it takes a lot more to make a successful event. First, we are truly appreciative all of our golfers, many of whom have played year after year, bring new friends into our circle and are generous supporters. Second, our sponsors, also many of whom have supported us every year since the beginning. Like Lakeland Bank, Millennium Technologies, Psion Teklogix (now Psion Motorola Solutions), Bielski & Bielski, and Rentalift (aplogies to any I’ve forgotten). Third, our Golf Committee and Board Members who donate their time, energy and funds to make it all happen.

Even with this help, we still need more! If you have any type of goods, service or gift certificate that can be used as a golf prize, silent auction or live auction item, we are in need!!!

Our Annual Golf Outing is our largest, most important fund raiser of the year for operational expenses.  Client fees of $85/hr only cover 65% of the cost to provide that service. Yes, it costs us $130 to provide every hour of specialized exercise to our clients with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, MS and other forms of paralysis. If you can help us help those who need our services – and we are the ONLY place in the entire NY/NJ areas to provide this – please give us a call at 862-200-5848!!

Thank you for your support!    Cynthia

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If you are reading my blog on a regular basis, you know that Push to Walk helps people with spinal cord injuries and paralysis from MS and a variety of other neurological conditions. You know that our goals are to help people regain strength, function and independence. You also most likely know that people who come to Push to Walk for specialized workouts have to pay out of pocket; there is no insurance coverage or reimbursement. But maybe you don’t know all of these facts, or maybe this is your first visit to my blog.

In any case, even with clients paying for their workouts, their fees only cover about 65% of our operating costs. Instead of raising the hourly fees, (most other centers like ours around the country charge more), we choose to make up the difference with fund raising events, activities, grants, etc.  We know how difficult it is for people to pay our current rate, and we are committed to keeping that cost level for as long as possible. We also strive to minimize overhead and administrative costs so donations can go directly to the people who need them the most.

We are asking for your contribution this year so we can continue to help people take their first steps, walk with decreasing amounts of assistance, drive, return to work or school, and live more satisfying and productive lives. Being more independent is possible when our clients are stronger and more healthy. Emotionally, they are better able to adapt to their circumstances and enjoy life more fully.

If you would like to invest in our program and support people making even the smallest of improvements that mean huge gains to their everyday lives, we would be very appreciative of your support. We can only continue to do this important work with your help. Please consider making a donation this holiday season by clicking on our website homepage. While you’re there, check out our site – we have lots of new client bios, pictures and videos. I think you’ll like what you see – lots of amazing accomplishments!

Thank you! www.pushtowalknj.org

Sincerely, Cynthia


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Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed family, friends and food! Now the holiday season has truly arrived!

I’ll keep this post short, since you may be itching to get all those great deals online today! If you are going to shop online, or even search online, please keep Push to Walk in mind. Not only today, but everyday!

Use these links, and you’ll be earning funds for Push to Walk and helping people with spinal cord injuries be more independent! Here’s the info:

It actually takes more time to read the steps to follow than it does to actually carry them out! Believe me, it is a very quick and easy process.

FIRST – Register for GoodSearch at www.goodsearch.com

On the upper right side of the homepage there is a button that says “Register”.  Click “Register” to sign up.  Once on the registration page you will be asked to enter your first & last name, zip code, email address, and to provide a password.  Then click “Register Now”.  You will then receive a confirmation email so you can verify your registration.  When you click the link to verify you will then be brought back to the GoodSearch website and will be prompted to login.  Click on the “keep me logged in” button so all your searches register for Push to Walk. The next step is the most important.  After logging in you will see a box on the right side of the page. It will ask you to designate the cause you support.  Click the button and type in “Push to Walk.” From that point on, all searches through GoodSearch will raise $.01 for Push to Walk.

To have an even greater impact on the cause of your choice (Push to Walk) you can click on the “Spread the Word” tab and then find the “Toolbar” text.  After, clicking on the toolbar text, find “Download GoodSearch Toolbar” and read for further instructions.  A step further would be to also make GoodSearch your homepage.   Every time you open your browser you will be reminded to check if you are still logged in.

From there, you can also use Good Shop, which is the whole point of this post! Thanks for helping – all those pennies really DO add up! Happy searching AND shopping!


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