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On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me……….seven Christmas cookies!

Some of my fondest Christmas memories with my kids are baking cookies. First, at least double the amount of cookie dough had to be made, because a “significant” portion was made to be eaten raw (I know, I know…..), at least for the sugar cookies. All other types had a MUCH better chance of making it to the oven!

Sugar cookies, spritz, chocolate chip and peanut butter (before my daughter developed a peanut allergy) were the family favorites. At times, appearances were made by oatmeal raisin, thumbprint and snowball cookies. Oh, what a mess would be made! From the flour to the decorations, ingredients were all over the place. When Darren and Ari were really young, they never really did anything except play in the flour! But they progressed to be quite the bakers and decorators, and always the consumers!

As years have passed, I’ve baked less and less cookies, not wanting to have the calorie temptations of eating all that we made! But for old times sake, especially after writing this blog, I am going to check the cupboard and see what ingredients I need to make a batch this weekend!

If you have favorite Christmas cookies, let me know what they are! Happy Baking! Cynthia



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