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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

There is a lot of love at Push to Walk every day, but it seems fitting to recognize it today.  We love that our clients and their families put their trust in us to help in the journeys they are on after spinal cord injury, brain injury, transverse myelitis, Multiple Sclerosis, and stroke.

We love that our donors choose Push to Walk as a cause to support, knowing their dollars go directly to our program and helping our clients regain strength, function, and independence.

We love that so many people have contributed to our success by donating their time, talents, energy and material goods to make Push to Walk a successful, sustainable organization.

And personally, I love our entire Push to Walk team.  Not only our staff members, volunteers and interns, but their families too.  So many people who have taken an interest in what we do and how we do it.  Our staff members who especially bring a passion and commitment to their jobs every day-I love you all!

So when we hear or say those three little words that are sometimes so hard to say, know that the meaning behind them is so much more…a testament to the fact that love really does make the world go round.

Enjoy the day with those you love, and let them know you love them!




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Happy New Year and Happy Wednesday! We have had a major snow storm here in the northeast, so if you have been affected by it, I hope you are all safe. Stay warm as the forecast is for really cold temperatures!

Push to Walk has been really busy, and several of our new inquiries and clients are people with brain injuries. We have found that with some adaptations, our exercise programs and methods used with people who have spinal cord injuries are beneficial to people with brain injuries as well.

As a staff, we are committed to educating ourselves in this area so we may offer information and resources to individuals and families living with a brain injury. One such resource is TBI News & Views , a printed newsletter published by the Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brian Injury System. It is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research and is a collaborative effort among Kessler Foundation and several medial centers in New Jersey.

The cover story about a young woman’s goal of achieving independence after a brain injury very helpful and informative. Articles and recaps of research and conferences (one of which I attended) were also very interesting. I suggest checking out the newsletter and Kessler Foundation website.

If you know of someone with a brain injury that this information might help, please pass this along.


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