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Happy Friday, everyone! Tomorrow is my birthday, so I am especially looking forward to the weekend, as I do LOVE to celebrate my birthday!

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting Cheshire Home in Florham Park, NJ. (www.cheshirehome.org) Through a few mutual board members, I met with Barbara Monahan, their Director of Development and Public Relations. We had a great meeting, sharing information and ideas, and she gave me a great tour of the Home. I also had the opportunity to meet a few staff members and residents while I was there. It was obvious that this a caring, family-centered kind of place!

As much as I know about resources in our area for people with spinal cord inury, I was not familiar with Cheshire Home! I am so glad to have learned of this wonderful place which provides medical care and living arragements while fostering educational and employment placements. The goal is to help residents live independent and productive lives.

Our programs serve an overlapping population and I look forward to working with Cheshire Home when residents are discharged into the community. Perhaps Push to Walk can provide the option of a specialized exercise, health and wellness program for people with SCI where appropriate.

Thank you to the administrators and staff of Cheshire Home who provide such a wonderful environment for poeple to thrive in, and the programs and advocacy efforts to help them achieve maximum independence. Check them out!

Have a good weekend! Cynthia

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I always find it amazing to read about technology – what already exists, what is newly developed and what is on the horizon – for people with various disabilities. Of course, I am more interested in products that help people with spinal cord injury and paralysis, but it is mind boggling to follow what some of the leading institutions and researchers are working on.

Several efforts are well underway in producing an “exoskeleton” that will enable people with paralysis to walk. I am anxious to learn more about both eLegs and Re-Walk, and hopefully see them in action with actual people. There is also a group from Duke University heading up the Walk Again Project, which sounds very exciting.

These kinds of technology really tie in well with what we do at Push to Walk, because our goal is to help people regain strength, function and independence. Having core strength is crucial to a person who wants to be upright, either in a standing frame, on their own, or with the use of an exoskeleton. If a person does not have the strength and endurance to be upright, even the best technology is not going to help him/her. We feel that we provide that important piece to the puzzle.

I am grateful to all the brilliant minds who have made this area a focus of their research and work. Thank you to those individuals, companies and universities who are dedicating themselves to this cause! Here are a few links so you can check them out yourselves:

Duke University – http://www.walkagainproject.org/

eLegs – www.eksobionics.com

ReWalk – http://rewalk.us/

If you search on the names, you will find information, photos and videos that are sure to amaze you! If you are someone who has tried any of these devices, please let me know what you think. If you are aware of other technologies (not only walking but assistive technology of any sort) that might be helpful to learn about and pass along, please let me know! At Push to Walk, we are always interested in learning more about new and helpful information!

Thanks! Cynthia

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