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I know that Memorial Day is not really the beginning of summer (we have to wait until June 21 for that!), but for many of us, it does signal the beginning of a season of outdoor activities, cycling, swimming, boating and other fun stuff. While you are outside and enjoying life, please remember to STAY SAFE! As anyone who has had a catastrophic event change their life in an instant, you know how important a few precautions can be.

Wearing seat belts and bicycle helmets, not diving into unfamiliar water depths or even into pools can keep us all safer. While I believe Push to Walk provides an incredibly good program of exercise, health and wellness for people with SCI, paralysis and other neurological conditions, my wish is that we never see a new injury again. But there will continue to be auto accidents, ATV and motorcycle accidents, sporting accidents, etc. But perhaps the ones that can be prevented by education, knowledge and common sense will be decreased as the facts of living with SCI are being brought to the public’s consciousness by a variety of public service announcements, TV shows and awareness campaigns.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, but STAY SAFE!

In honor of Memorial Day, I’d like to remember all those who died serving our country and keeping us safe in other ways. Thanks to all of our service members who continue to serve us both here and abroad. Your dedication and commitment is truly appreciated.



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