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Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend AND remembered exactly what we celebrate on July 4th. If not for the brave heroes who often gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, I might not be sitting here today. I might not be doing the work I am doing, writing what I want to write, and enjoying the countless freedoms we enjoy every day of our lives. While originally designated to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, I think it’s also an annual celebration of being a free country.

Our Armed Forces continue to make sacrifices each and every day to fight for those freedoms, leaving behind parents, spouses and children – and too many never return. I am thankful to all those I know who have served our Country, and the many more I have not nor ever will meet……..I hope the celebrations we all enjoyed at least show some measure of respect for the true heroes who have given us freedom and continue to fight each and every day. THANK YOU for your service and sacrifices for all of us.

Fighting for Freedom

Fighting for Freedom

As I think about soldiers and veterans who have suffered catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, I only hope that Push to Walk can be of some service to them in return. Trying to put together a program for Veterans and find funding for the people who have served our country is a priority for us, and yet we can’t seem to put the right pieces of the puzzle together yet. Be assured we are working on this idea, as we know so many returning soldiers need the specialized program we provide, and we want to be able to offer it to them. If you have any ideas on individuals or organizations who might want to partner with Push to Walk in this effort, please let me know.

For the 364 days in between July 4th holidays, let’s not forget the brave men and women who represent the true meaning behind the holiday.


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