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I’m sure a lot of you watched the Olympics, and enjoyed the tough competition, the incredible skills and the amazing stories of the athletes and their families. Personally, I love the “back stories” of the athletes – how they got to be where they are, the adversities they’ve overcome and the drive they have to compete with the best in the world. I even love the commercials – thanking Mom and the backwards ones, too! In a world of DVR’s and on-demand programming, I don’t watch too many commercials anymore, but these were fun.

I see The Olympic Spirit every day at Push to Walk. Our trainers are the coaches, our clients the athletes and the families supporting all of us. Working hard at their training every time they come in, staying focused on their goals, and keeping a positive outlook all contribute to their success. Getting their names on our blackboard provides some incentive for them to accomplish special things each and every time they are here.


Here’s to OUR Olympians – our CLIENTS – and all they do every day to improve their lives. We may not have any medals to distribute, but hopefully our encouragement and dedication to help them is proof of our commitment.

Here’s also a shout-out to NOLAN KASPER, our family friend and US Ski Team Olympian who finished 13th out of 117 skiers in the Sochi Men’s Slalom Event. He was also the ONLY American man to finish both runs of that event. Congratulations, Nolan!!

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