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Happy Monday! I hope anyone who experienced the snow this weekend is safe and sound! Back to the twelve days…..

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me………five golden rings! Since 2014 will be an Olympic year, I thought I’d tie the five golden rings to the five colorful rings that are the symbol of the Olympic games.

On February 7-23, athletes from all over the world will compete for their country’s highest prizes – Olympic medals. I always love the “up close and personal” segments to find out more about the athletes themselves, their families and lives. If there’s any TV coverage at all, I’d love to do the same for the Paralympics, which take place from March 7 -16. Past coverage has been little to none of the Paralympics, but I am sure there are equally interesting and inspiring stories about these athletes as well (if not even more so).

At Push to Walk, we like to treat our clients like athletes. Repetitions, challenges, hard work and dedication are just a few of the qualities that define both our clients and Olympic/Paralympic athletes. Setting goals and working hard day after day, week after week, month after month. While the Olympic athletes have to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals, Paralympic athletes and our clients share the challenges that every day living poses to them every minute. Paralysis, loss of bladder and bowel functions, inability to regulate body temperatures, etc. The list is a long one.

Please cheer for ALL the athletes I am referring to! And if you’d like to make a contribution to support our Push to Walk athletes and help them reach their goals, please visit our website at www.pushtowalknj.org to make a contribution. Our slogan: A Little Push Goes a Long Way seems very fitting to today’s post. Thanks for reading!



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On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…….four waterfalls………………

We traveled to Iceland this past summer, and witnessed the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. Huge, powerful, noisy water cascading off the mountain, dropping onto the ground below with such force it was scary! With the sunlight hitting one of them just right, a perfect rainbow formed, and our friend Liz captured it in a photo with both John and me walking up to the top. She enlarged the picture and added the words: Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow until you find your dream. This was truly a special gift, as Liz knows the “mountain” we are climbing and the quest for our dreams. THANK YOU, Liz!

But waterfalls, like sunsets and sunrises, are reminders of the raw beauty of our earth, and Iceland certainly has an abundance of that. The country is full of incredibly beautiful land and sea formations, as is Greenland and its icebergs. Beauty that I hope stays within me for a long, long time.

I hope all of you have seen a beautiful waterfall you can recall in your mind as your read my post today. Harness its power, its beauty and its immense capacity to create change. Take those qualities and incorporate them into your own day. Perhaps you will also experience a rainbow, even if in just your imagination.


Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend. My next post will come on Monday! (By the way, I experienced an incredibly beautiful start to the sunrise this morning with deep pink and red shades before the clouds crept in to cover it all up. Did anyone else see it too?)


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On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…….as the song goes, three french hens. Well, I don’t know anything about french hens, so I looked it up! Wikipedia tells the origins of the song relate to “increasingly grand gifts” given on the twelve days of Christmas. And it seems like french hens, from what I read only quickly, lay a lot of eggs year round and are therefore quite valuable. My version, up until this point, and I suspect throughout the rest of the days, will be more inspirational in nature. And even though there is no real reason why there are three french hens and not two or four, I’ve been thinking about “things that come in threes” for today’s post.

The obvious “threes” that come to mind are three blind mice, the three stooges, three little pigs and “the rule of threes.” While I thought about some fun analogies for the mice, stooges and pigs (future blog posts??), I’m going to focus on “the rule of threes.” The definition I found states that when things come in threes, and they could be good or bad, they are “inherently funnier, more satisfying or more effective than other numbers of things.”

Personally, when bad or negative things happen, like deaths, injuries, accidents, etc., they do seem to come in threes, or at least I can pinpoint three similar incidents and be done with it. Time to move on. When good things happen in either threes or on a third attempt, I say “third time’s a charm.” So I am a believer in the rule of threes.

How does this affect my daily life? It probably doesn’t! But it seemed interesting enough to write about today, and fit it (sort of) with my third day of Christmas. I could write about certain incidents that have recently come in threes, but now, my blog post would be way too long. I wrote far too much about the background of my idea than the idea itself. Oh well, I hope it gets you thinking about the rule of threes, and whether you have found this in your life, too. If you’d like to share, please do! I love reading your comments and reactions to my posts.

For now, have a wonderful, satisfying and productive day (three more things to think about!). Cynthia

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On the second day of Christmas, my true love brought to me……..the sunrise and the sunset!

This morning I was up bright and early, and saw the sunrise, which inspired this post.

I think it is a universally held belief that even though it happens every day, seeing the sunrise is just SO amazing! The beauty, the serenity, the hope that today will be a good day! But we must make that promise to ourselves: today WILL be a good day. Why? Because I will do my best to make it so! When I approach a day with that mind-set, with that positive attitude, it is already a good day. And I commit to myself that having a good day means doing good for others. It can be as simple as a smile, a hug, a good deed or paying someone a compliment. It does not have to be huge or overwhelming, just a simple gesture.

Likewise, seeing a beautiful sunset reminds me to ask myself the question: was it a good day? Did I do good for others? It helps me reflect on my day. Was I the best person I could be TODAY? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take one day at a time. If we do good, do our best and accomplish a goal, no matter how small or large, enjoy the day you’ve had. And if not, you’ll have another chance tomorrow, when the sun rises again!

Part of the challenge of living with a disability or having a loved one with a disability is taking each day as it comes. Yes, of course, we need to prepare and think about the future, but if we take just these few minutes a day at sunrise and sunset to think about TODAY, I believe we can all live a little better, breathe a little easier and have the strength to face another day.

Enjoy your day! Make it a good one!  Cynthia

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Oh, I’ve been singing this song in my head (you wouldn’t want me to sing out loud!) for days trying to get ready for this project of mine I have convinced myself to take on. So here goes………

On the First Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…………a wonderful family! My two children, Darren and Arianne, have brought so much love and joy into my world, I can’t really describe it. I’m sure all of you parents out there reading this can relate to what I’m saying.

While I try to follow my own advice all through the year, during the Christmas season I try especially hard to not lose sight of the importance of family in my life. While my husband and I have both lost our parents, and extended family is not really part of our lives, my husband, children, siblings and their kids are my focus. It is my family that got me through the most difficult days when Darren was first spinal cord injured (my Mom was alive then and provided a very strong support system) and continues to this day. It is my family that keeps me going  day after day, month after month and year after year.

I hope you have family with which to celebrate this holiday season, and if blood relatives are not part of your life, I hope you have found friends and communities who can stand in their place and give you the support you need to life live as fully as possible every single day of this holiday season.

Celebrate FAMILY! Until tomorrow…………Cynthia

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Happy Monday!

For those who know me, either personally or through my blog, you may already know I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I am the person who says “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays,” sometimes incorrectly to a person who might not celebrate the same holiday. But it is meant to spread joy, love and cheer. I know I need to do that, and enjoy getting it in return.

Today I am committing to creating my own theme of “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Stay tuned for what will follow, and I hope I can spread some holiday cheer to all, no matter what holiday you celebrate or religious beliefs you may hold. During a time where people stress out over too much to do and not enough time to do it all, I hope my messages will bring a little cheer to your life.

Until next time…………..Cynthia

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I would be remiss to not acknowledge the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, even on a blog that focuses on spinal cord injury and paralysis.

When people of all ages look at athletes, actors and musicians as role models, they can’t even stand in the same room as someone like Nelson Mandela. Someone who stood up for what he believed in and changed the world. He made the world a better place for generations, creating a legacy that will last far into the future.

Mr. Mandela was a true inspiration, a word used by many but deserved by few. His caring, compassion and humanitarian acts carried his messages of fairness, equality and human rights.

May Mr. Mandela rest in peace, and know that the world he has left is a changed and better place because of him and what he fought for. A true hero who lived among us.


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