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Hello Everyone,

I’ve written about Boyd Melson in prior posts, and we’ve shared his story in Facebook postings as well. In summary, Boyd is a professional boxer and donates all of his purse winnings to Just A Dollar Please in order to bring spinal cord injury clinical trials to the United States. Boyd’s best friend, Christan, is a long time Push to Walk client, and our relationship with him started many years ago.

Boyd’s next fight is coming up on Wednesday, December 4 at BB King’s in New York City. Again, he will donate his winnings to Dr. Wise Young and the clinical trials. You can buy tickets (if there’s any still available) at www.teamfighttowalk.com. But my blog today is really about Boyd coming to Push to Walk and working out with our clients. Under the program “The Mission Continues,” Boyd is working with Drs. Patricia Morton and Wise Young on a spinal cord injury exercise program and walking. When Boyd is at Push to Walk, he has his boxing gloves and gets the clients to throw punches, block punches and keep themselves upright. With his constant banter, encouragement, smile and laughter, he has these clients working HARD!

Here’s a video clip that says it all. Let’s just say I got as much enjoyment out of watching this taking place as I’m sure the participants had actually doing it. Only thing is, I’m not sore or tired afterwards. I only had to hold the camera! 🙂

Enjoy watching, and please support Boyd’s next fight and justadollarplease.org

Thank you! Cynthia

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I thought this “old” slogan from former Governor Tom Kean and his administration fit our upcoming event, well, perfectly!

For those of you who live locally, or will be traveling to NJ for the Thanksgiving holiday, please join us on Saturday, November 30 for a fun night of great music, great food and a great cause! Tickets are only $40 and include music played by students and professionals, as well as a delicious buffet dinner catered by Bardi’s Bar and Grill. Bring your friends! Bring your family!

We are very grateful to Randy and Laura Shamber at ShamRock for their dedication to pull this event together, and my good friend Vince Genella and the other bands who are donating their time to play for us. The music is going to be OUTSTANDING! You don’t want to miss it!

Event details: Saturday, November 30, 6-10 pm at the Elks Lodge, 1 Perrin Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ.

Buy your tickets in advance, please! Call Push to Walk at 862-200-5848 or ShamRock at 973-839-0100.

Hope to see you there!


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One year ago last Saturday, on November 9, 2012, I sat in the road outside of our shore house in Manahawkin, NJ.  I had a conference call scheduled and the only place I could sit was in my car, parked several houses away from my own driveway. There was debris, furniture, appliances, broken building materials and garbage everywhere. There was sand, muck and water. It was approximately one week after Superstorm Sandy and our house was badly damaged.  As I sat in my car and tried to focus on the call and what the discussion required of me, I couldn’t concentrate very well. As I write this, more than one year later, I recall the conversation that day because I tie it to the memories of what was all around me.

In subsequent trips to our house to take care of what needed to be done, I always tried to keep things in  perspective – our house was still standing, no one was hurt, material belongings can be replaced, etc. So many people had lost so much more. I was grateful we still had our house and many of the contents that were on the second floor.

As I write this blog post, I am trying to remind myself to keep that perspective. To not dwell on the fact that just three days ago, about 375 days after the storm, our house was finally moved from its foundation in preparation to be lifted. We got such a jump start on the process – meeting with the architect, drawing up and revising plans, selecting kitchen cabinets, etc. What happened? We thought we would move forward pretty quickly. But no, that didn’t happen. Not until 3 days ago did things start to happen. Now I hope the progress continues.

Sometimes in life, which I know and see all too well with Push to Walk, our clients and family members, things do not go as planned. The initial spinal cord injury or diagnosis is catastrophic enough in the upheaval it causes. But even after, and sometimes many years after, things don’t go as planned. I’ve read: you can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.  So today I am thinking: how can I respond to situations that were not planned, that I am not happy about, that are negative situations? Sometimes it is not enough to put on a “happy face” and pretend it’s all OK. Sometimes, I need to dig deep, explore my feelings, deal with those feelings, talk it out or find some kind of outlet. Just by writing this blog, I feel my mood lighten and things put in perspective. Now to keep them in perspective and have a Happy Friday! On Sunday, I will go to see my house that has been moved, in preparation for better things to come. I am so excited that new memories are just waiting to happen. Just hopefully it won’t take another 375 days!

Enjoy the weekend! Cynthia

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