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I am an able-bodied person that spends a lot of waking hours around people in wheelchairs. At Push to Walk, most of our clients use wheelchairs for mobility, and while they may not be in their wheelchairs for the duration of their workouts, they come and go and converse with me while in their chairs. As much time as I spend around people in chairs, I do not have a clue what it takes to go through a day, every day, every week, every month, in a chair. While I have been prodded to spend a day in a wheelchair, and I have resisted (more about that in another blog post, I promise), I still don’t think that would help me understand the situation, although it would provide some insight.

In any case, here’s a good example of what those of us who walk around without a thought about the fact that we ARE walking, don’t think about.  And I’m sure there are a thousand other things as well. By the way, this is the father of a Push to Walk client.

Along this line of thought, there is a group called SCI Sucks that spells out what the public doesn’t realize about spinal cord injuries, and the messages often perpetuated by the disabled community itself. Their tagline says it all: “People tell us to change the name, but then we wouldn’t be telling the truth.”

Take a few minutes to think about ways you could improve just little things that could make a world of difference to someone who uses a wheelchair. It might just make someone smile, and make their day just a little easier.


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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekends were fun and restful!

Ten days ago, I decided to try the P90X exercise program – again. I had first tried this two years ago (I think) but did not stay committed to it. I was running and training for a marathon, so the timing and my psychological state were not a successful combination. However, I have decided to give it another shot, being a little more realistic this time around. If I can’t do the exact number of repetitions, or the combinations of programs on any given day, I will “do my best and forget the rest” as guru Tony Horton instructs. Over time, I hope to be able to complete entire workouts, prescribed combinations, and in sequential days to have the best effect on my strengthening and toning.

Not that I am not going to challenge myself – I will! And I have decided to set aside the time necessary to accomplish this goal; that’s half the battle for me. But as I try my hardest to complete the reps, do something just a few extra minutes, and hang in there, I have a vision of our Push to Walk gym in my head. Our clients, including my own son, trying their hardest, pushing for one more rep, hanging in there the best they can. Working hard and determined to accomplish their goals.

With these clients as my inspiration (and I know they don’t always want to be looked at in this role, but in this case it helps ME), I’ve just gotta be a P90X grad this time around! If you feel like sharing any words of encouragement for me, I’m all ears!!


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Wow, we’ve been open six years!! I’m never sure if I should call this a birthday or an anniversary – according to Webster’s, we fit both definitions. Both are fine, and both express the celebratory nature of recognizing so many accomplishments!

By now, most of you know the story of Push to Walk and the story of my son, Darren and our family. If this is the first time reading my blog, or your first encounter with Push to Walk, please visit the About Us section of our website for more information. A very abbreviated version is that after Darren sustained a spinal cord injury in July 2004, we traveled back and forth to California for an intensive exercise program and subsequently realized that New Jersey needed a program like this. With none around, we started our own. Darren came up with the name, and six years later we are not only sustaining ourselves but growing in several different ways.

Check out this link for some new videos of Darren using the Gait Harness Walker, and take a look at some of our other client videos, too. They are ALL amazing!

With more trainers, more clients, more board members and added administrative staff, we are providing a unique exercise program that is not only focused on people with spinal cord injuries, but now includes traumatic brain injuries, MS and stroke as well. Our trainers continue to educate themselves in these areas of specialty, have started doing research and work together as a team to ensure that our clients receive the best possible workouts every single day. Our board is dedicated to helping Push to Walk expand in a planned and organized fashion, and is embarking on a Strategic Planning Process to help us develop our way forward. Our supporters continue to amaze us with their generosity which is critical to our existence. And our administrative team is behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.

We thank our clients for putting their trust in us to help them in their journey. Each person is in a different place when they join Push to Walk – physically, emotionally, financially. We develop relationships with them, help them identify goals and work with them to achieve those goals. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their lives and help them succeed.

Thank you to everyone who has helped Push to Walk come so far! Together we are pushing forward and making a difference!


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Happy 2013 everyone! I know I’m a little late in expressing these wishes, but I am finally coming to grips with the fact that the holidays are over and 2013 REALLY has arrived! Oh well, it was a WONDERFUL holiday season, and I hope it was for you, too.

I’m not big on “new year’s resolutions,” but I do try to set goals for myself – some personal, some professional, and some just plain fun! I consider myself to be a pretty positive person, but could still use reminders every now and then to concentrate on the good and not dwell on the bad. Overall, I am going to use more words like YES, WILL and CAN. I am going to become a cheerleader for the whole thinking positive movement, and do more reading about that, too. That fits into my goal of doing more reading in general, too. Maybe I’ll even start reading more on my iPad, instead of good ole’ books – we’ll see if that really happens!

What goals do you have for yourself??? If you are looking for information and resources in the areas of SCI or paralysis, we can help! If Push to Walk and an exercise program are one of your goals, please let us know! If you are interested in becoming a committee member or a board member for a worthy non-profit, we can use your assistance! If you have a talent, service or product that could benefit people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or other neurological conditions,  we are also looking to partner with others to provide the best services possible to people in need.

Whatever your goals, dreams and aspirations are for the new year, work hard to make them happen, and think positive! Here’s to a GREAT 2013!


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