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If you are reading my blog on a regular basis, you know that Push to Walk helps people with spinal cord injuries and paralysis from MS and a variety of other neurological conditions. You know that our goals are to help people regain strength, function and independence. You also most likely know that people who come to Push to Walk for specialized workouts have to pay out of pocket; there is no insurance coverage or reimbursement. But maybe you don’t know all of these facts, or maybe this is your first visit to my blog.

In any case, even with clients paying for their workouts, their fees only cover about 65% of our operating costs. Instead of raising the hourly fees, (most other centers like ours around the country charge more), we choose to make up the difference with fund raising events, activities, grants, etc.  We know how difficult it is for people to pay our current rate, and we are committed to keeping that cost level for as long as possible. We also strive to minimize overhead and administrative costs so donations can go directly to the people who need them the most.

We are asking for your contribution this year so we can continue to help people take their first steps, walk with decreasing amounts of assistance, drive, return to work or school, and live more satisfying and productive lives. Being more independent is possible when our clients are stronger and more healthy. Emotionally, they are better able to adapt to their circumstances and enjoy life more fully.

If you would like to invest in our program and support people making even the smallest of improvements that mean huge gains to their everyday lives, we would be very appreciative of your support. We can only continue to do this important work with your help. Please consider making a donation this holiday season by clicking on our website homepage. While you’re there, check out our site – we have lots of new client bios, pictures and videos. I think you’ll like what you see – lots of amazing accomplishments!

Thank you! www.pushtowalknj.org

Sincerely, Cynthia


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Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed family, friends and food! Now the holiday season has truly arrived!

I’ll keep this post short, since you may be itching to get all those great deals online today! If you are going to shop online, or even search online, please keep Push to Walk in mind. Not only today, but everyday!

Use these links, and you’ll be earning funds for Push to Walk and helping people with spinal cord injuries be more independent! Here’s the info:

It actually takes more time to read the steps to follow than it does to actually carry them out! Believe me, it is a very quick and easy process.

FIRST – Register for GoodSearch at www.goodsearch.com

On the upper right side of the homepage there is a button that says “Register”.  Click “Register” to sign up.  Once on the registration page you will be asked to enter your first & last name, zip code, email address, and to provide a password.  Then click “Register Now”.  You will then receive a confirmation email so you can verify your registration.  When you click the link to verify you will then be brought back to the GoodSearch website and will be prompted to login.  Click on the “keep me logged in” button so all your searches register for Push to Walk. The next step is the most important.  After logging in you will see a box on the right side of the page. It will ask you to designate the cause you support.  Click the button and type in “Push to Walk.” From that point on, all searches through GoodSearch will raise $.01 for Push to Walk.

To have an even greater impact on the cause of your choice (Push to Walk) you can click on the “Spread the Word” tab and then find the “Toolbar” text.  After, clicking on the toolbar text, find “Download GoodSearch Toolbar” and read for further instructions.  A step further would be to also make GoodSearch your homepage.   Every time you open your browser you will be reminded to check if you are still logged in.

From there, you can also use Good Shop, which is the whole point of this post! Thanks for helping – all those pennies really DO add up! Happy searching AND shopping!


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I can’t say it’s my favorite holiday as I also really love Christmas, but it is a very close second! Lots of food, family, friends and all in the name of giving THANKS for what we have, who we are, and what we do. I am grateful for all these things and more, every day, but with a day to celebrate thanks, it is that much more special.

I am a big believer in things being “relative.” Yes, there are things in my life that are not perfect – I think we can all say that to some extent. But whatever I have going on may be worse than some, but not so bad compared to others. When people complain about “little things” I really, really try to see things from their point of view. Sometimes their complaints are valid, and present real difficulties. But other times I just want to say “really? REALLY???” Oh, they just have no idea………..

And I’m not just talking about my world as related to spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, MS and other neurological conditions. I see friends struggling with major illnesses, children with severe problems, catastrophic losses from Hurricane Sandy – the list goes on and on. Those are the REAL problems.

So this Thanksgiving, I’d like to express my gratitude to all those in my life who contribute to who I am, what I do and what I have.  I am so thankful for my family, friends, co-workers and everyone in my Push to Walk family, far and wide. Thank you for being part of my life!

I wish all of you and your loved ones a wonderful, thankful Thanksgiving holiday! May it be a day of joy and celebration, but also recognize  others who are struggling and may need our help and support. I hope this holiday brings out the best in all of us, and that we help each other.

Love Cynthia

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Thanks to the entire group at Unite 2 Fight Paralysis headed up by Marilyn Smith and the Working 2 Walk conference that was held in Irvine, California at the beginning of November. Our Push to Walk trainer, Tommy Sutor, attended the conference and was very excited to hear about the research that is going on from many different scientists. He came back with a ton of information to share, and has been telling us what he learned. So many exciting things going on!

One of the most important areas of the conference involved advocacy  and how people with spinal cord injuries need to join together and fight for a cure. While the areas of maintaining and improving health and wellness are important (very important, in my opinion if people want to be ready for a cure), the focus seemed to be on making advocating for a cure a priority now more than ever. Several people spoke about the current efforts and what individuals can do to contribute to the cause. As with most areas of concern, banding together and working in a unified group is sure to have more positive results than working separately and independently.

Please check the following links to learn more about what went on at the Working 2 Walk conference. Sorry I couldn’t be there this year – Hurricane Sandy derailed my plans (along with many others I am sure), but I look forward to attending next year in Boston. And since it will be back on the east coast, I look forward to more staff members attending as well. Thank you, Marilyn, for your hard work!

Check these links for more info:




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Hello Everyone,

It’s hard to believe that Hurricane Sandy came through 10 days ago, and still the devastation continues (and will continue for a very long time). The scope of the damage and lives lost is unreal – I can’t even begin to imagine what hundreds and thousands of people are going through. I have a hard time just looking at the pictures and videos, so the idea of being directly affected at that level seem too difficult to comprehend. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

My good friend, Richard Gaskin (also known as Professir X) has brought something to my attention that is definitely worth sharing. In all the coverage by the media of the storm and its aftermath, have any of you seen pictures or read stories about how people with disabilities have been affected by the storm? I know I haven’t. Again, it seems people with disabilities are the “invisible” ones. People that need power to survive – their ventilators, power wheelchairs, electric beds, etc. How about those who need caregivers and those caregivers cannot get to them? Or need supplies and medications? What about people who have been forced out of their accessible homes – where can they go? Has the media paid them any attention at all? Richard doesn’t think so, and because of his ability to capture ideas and present them in captivating ways, he is asking anyone with stories, videos or pictures to contact him. Let him know of your experiences, frustrations or good stories of how you’ve managed after Hurricane Sandy whipped through our region and our lives. You can write to him at professirx@aol.com.

Stay safe and stay strong. Recovery will only be accomplished by working together.


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