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Happy Friday Everyone!

There has been so much going on in our gym these days, I just have to share! With the addition of using a portable Empi stimulation unit with clients during workouts, our trainers are finding that a few clients are better able to take steps using the parallel bars and the platform walker. This is so exciting! Here’s a link to our You Tube channel, which has videos of Celso doing just that: http://www.youtube.com/user/pushtowalknj.

While we all know that walking is not the only goal of our clients, and for our clients, it tends to get a lot of publicity, like Patrick Ivison who was injured as a toddler and just walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma. I had the opportunity to meet Patrick and his Mom several years ago, and I am so happy that Patrick achieved this dream of his. Congratulations to him! You can see his video here: http://www.pushtowalknj.org/summer-camp.html

Also, we have a brand new client who had her evaluation today and will start coming twice a week. I am anxious to see her get started, and I know she is excited to do so. During her visit today, the gym was very busy, and her parents had the opportunity to speak with a few different clients about lots of SCI related info. So much better for them to learn from one another than from me!

And plans are progressing very well for our Summer Camp program July 15-21. If you are a current, former or prospective client and want to schedule workouts that week, call or e-mail Stephanie ASAP as the schedule is filling up fast. There are also several events OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and FREE that we are inviting people to as well. Check out the info here:    http://www.pushtowalknj.org/summer-camp.html or e-mail slajam@pushtowalknj.org. There are lots of fun and informative events planned for the week. We hope you’ll join us!

Have a good weekend! Cynthia

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