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Between the snow storms and traveling for the weekend, I have been neglectful of my blog – sorry! But I’m back……….

We were supposed to leave this past Thursday for North Carolina, but were sidelined by the storm that day. We went to the airport, but came back home after being notified we would have a flight very early on Friday morning. I did a short run on the treadmill on Thursday afternoon, which was good, because I knew the next few days would be very busy and I probably wouldn’t have time to keep up with my training.

When we arrived in NC on Friday morning, we drove to meet my friends Andy and Dawn Bricker who founded Race to Walk in Mooresville, about 30 minutes from Charlotte. We enjoyed a very nice breakfast together before heading over to see their place. Dawn has an SCI, and she and her husband traveled to CA, researched a few places, and decided to start their own independent program. I was SO impressed by what I saw – they have a great program, facility and staff. Congratulations to them, and I am so glad I have been a part of helping them get their program off the ground. It has been wonderful working with them, and getting to know them. Check out their website: www.racetowalk.org.

After visiting with Andy and Dawn, we drove a few hours to see friends of ours who moved to NC about 4 years ago. We had a wonderful time with Diane and Dave McIntee, enjoyed a nice dinner together, and spent lots of time catching up. Thanks for your hospitality and showing us around your new “neck of the woods!” We’ll be sure to visit again, in warmer weather, although the weekend was 70’s and sunny (a whole lot better than NJ!).

Saturday and Sunday activities revolved around the NHL All Star Game, and we had a great time! The skills competition and the game were lots of fun, along with the street fair and other festivities. I was thinking about how much our lives have revolved around hockey, and realized that would be a future blog – too much to write about here!

I kept up with my training by doing a 6 mile run in the hotel gym on Sunday morning. I missed one day last week and will miss another day this week, so hopefully I’ll do OK this Saturday when I am scheduled to run 10 miles! Oy! I am hoping I can run outside, as 10 miles is a LONG time to run on a treadmill, and I have my fingers crossed that the next storm forecasted is later than Saturday morning!!! After the storms yesterday and this morning, the roads are a mess, but I am hoping they are clear enough to run by Saturday.

I promise to get back to my client stories and training detail in the next blog. Just wanted to catch up today! Take care and stay warm, dry and safe!



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